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    Company Overview

    SHENZHEN SOONWELL PRO-VIDEO EQUIPMENT CO., LTD is an international battery and LED Light manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with a high step and fast development as a young brand from 2012. We have been in business on developing, manufacturing, marketing top quality film industry products, including camera power supply system (lithium batteries, battery Adapters & chargers), video lights, studio lights etc., providing full lifecycle services for storage, handling, use and finally end-of-life management for TV stations, workshop, studio, laboratory or projects in the industry.



    To build and develop famous brand, SOONWELL prefers to supplying high quality products with superior service to establish the great reputation, not only on Amazon but also on Soonwellphoto on-line stores with warehouses worldwide, especially in America and Europe, rather than competing with some other suppliers without standard principles.

    SOONWELL is enjoying establishing long term business relationships with more partners, with great advantages of stable raw material suppliers, completed and scientific production line, professional technologist and customer-service team.



    The products SOONWELL carry and manufacture are quality assured with ISO9001, RoHs and CE certification. Our product warranties back these quality assurance standards, and thorough laboratory testing of our items confirms their safety and grade. 

    Camera Power Supply System - Including Lithium Batteries, Battery Adapters & Chargers

    LED Light - Including Flexible LED Light, Wide Angle LED Light & Other New Design Light

    Accessories - Some other accessories for Camera, Battery and Light